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How to Introduce your Dog to a Cat


A dog and a cat, is it possible?

Sebastian the dog and Liberty the cat love each other.

Dogs and cats… each makes a terrific companion for you, but they don’t always live in harmony together. You’ve probably heard the expression “fighting like cats and dogs” before, right? While that can certainly be true, there are steps you can take – starting with the first introduction between the animals – to foster a loving relationship.


Body Language

Before you schedule the first meet and greet between your two pets, learn their body language cues.

Happy cats will purr and rest with their feet tucked under their bodies, maybe with their eyes half closed. They’ll rub up against you and act with an overall calm demeanor. Cats who are agitated will pin their ears back or puff up their tails. They may growl or shriek, or roll onto their back or side so that they’re ready for an attack, bearing their teeth and claws.

Happy dogs will be loose in their body and tail, maybe with a tongue hanging out. They may be playful, but will alternate between a chase and be chased posture. Dogs who are displeased may stiffen their body or tail, fixate on the other animal, and stare. Dogs may also bark and whine if they’re upset.

While these are standard body language cues, your pet may have a unique signal for you to watch out for, so be sure to know what the warning signs are before you schedule an introduction.


Making the Introduction


When it comes time to make the introduction between your animals, there are a few different options to consider.


Cats really do love dogs most of the time

Liberty will even stand on his head for Sebastian.

Desensitizing Your Dog

In some cases, your dog will be so fixed on the cat that you’ll need to desensitize them so that you can make a controlled introduction. This usually starts with sequestering the cat in a room so that the dog can get used to the cat being in the house, while creating a bit of separation. Set the cat up in a bathroom or spare bedroom with all of their needed supplies (water, food, litter, toys, blankets). Feed the dog right outside the door, so they begin to associate positive rewards with the smell of the cat. After a couple of days, swap the blankets of each animal with the other animal’s bedding so that they can continue to get used to the smell of the other animal. Slowly start to let the dog see the cat without getting to the point of overstimulation, so that by the time they are both allowed to be free in the same room, the dog is disinterested or otherwise not excited by the new animal.


Face-to-Face Introduction

If your dog has a naturally calmer demeanor, you can try a face-to-face introduction right away. Keep the dog on a leash and let the cat walk around the dog, getting acclimated. If the cat’s body language stays calm (see body language above) and the dog is able to remain controlled, responding well to commands and direction from you, perhaps even lying down, then the dog should be rewarded for ignoring the cat. Ultimately, the goal is for the cat to be close to the dog, sniffing it even, without eliciting a reaction from the dog. If the dog lunges, this method likely will not work right away and you should try desensitizing it before making another introduction.


Professional Training

If after desensitization and a face-to-face introduction, the dog is still unable to remain calm around the cat, it’s best to consult a professional, certified trainer to discuss a more structured training regimen for your dog. This doesn’t mean that the two animals will never be able to live in harmony together, but you will need to keep them separated until you know they’ll be safe when left alone together.


Pet Sitting for dogs and cats is fun

Sebastian and Liberty are buds, it makes Sebastian SMILE when he sees Liberty




Happy 6th Birthday Waggs 2 Whiskers!

Banny is a love bug momma's boy that makes do when we come and care for him when she's away

June 4, 2018 – Happy 6th Birthday Waggs!


I never thought that living a life doing what I love would ever happen. I was in a job for 19 years in an office, I loved it at first, I liked some of the people I worked with but after about 10 years, it started to become a toxic environment – so I found out later. I decided to start volunteering at our local animal shelter in 2007. I sometimes say it was by pure luck that I met my new friend Sabrina who was taking pictures of the dogs there for Petfinder. She was pregnant with twins and needed someone to fill in until after the babies were born. So I decided to try it out. I loved animals and always had from the time I was a toddler! I got to spend time with most of the animals and take their pics and write their bios on Petfinder. 


Five years later, at my kitchen table, Waggs 2 Whiskers was born! Some people thought I was crazy! I knew exactly what I was doing and where it would take me. The thought of spending my days with the dogs and other furry pets was so exciting! I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to build my business enough to be able to run it full time. Four years later I was at that spot. Was it an easy decision? NO! But it was the perfect time for ME! I cannot believe I have now been running my business 2 years full time! 


Waggs 2 Whiskers is a dream come true!  I feel I am making a difference in pet parent’s lives! And their pets!!  That is so important to me! I love making people and pets happy! The past 6 years have been amazing! I’m looking forward to the next 6!


Thank you so much for letting me live my dream!  I owe it to all of you reading this RIGHT NOW!!

Kelly Catlett

Proud Owner of Waggs 2 Whiskers, LLC 

People Foods that are Toxic to Animals

As pet owners, we treat our four-legged friends like children – they’re members of the family! And when they hit us with those cute pouty eyes, it can be tempting to sneak them a table scrap or a bite of our snack – but be careful! Some foods that are fine for people to eat can be toxic to our furry sidekicks.

Below, we’re recapping a list of the top 10 foods that you should NOT feed your pets.

  1.  Chocolate – This is probably one we’ve all heard before, but we’re including it here as a reminder… no chocolate kisses, only human kisses.
  2. Fruit stems, leaves, peels, and seeds – While the fruit itself will likely only cause a bit of stomach upset, the citric acid in these other parts of the fruit can cause more serious issues if ingested.
  3. Grapes and raisins – The actual toxic substance found in these foods is unknown, but they have the potential to cause kidney failure if eaten.
  4. Onions – All forms of onions can be toxic for your pet, including dehydrated onions, raw onions, cooked onions and table scraps containing cooked onions.
  5. Milk and dairy products – By nature, pets don’t have enough lactase enzymes in their systems to effectively break down the lactose in dairy products, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.
  6. Undercooked meat and eggs – Our pets are just as susceptible to foodborne illnesses (such as Salmonella and E. coli) as we are.
  7. Bones – Raw bones pose a choking hazard for domestic animals, and severe injury could occur if a bone splintered and was swallowed.
  8. Raw potatoes – A plain baked potato (in moderation) is fine, but raw potatoes and potato plants from the garden could lead to issues.
  9. Xylitol – This sweetener, found in candies, baked goods, and more, can cause life-threatening toxicosis in animals.
  10. Yeast dough – As tempting as it is to hand over your pizza crust to your pup, yeast products can build up in our pets’ stomachs and cause serious issues.

If you do want to share a treat with your pet, keep this in mind:
The treat should be small. Lean meats make great treats as long as they’re trimmed of visible fats and not heavily seasoned. Fruits (see #2 above) or veggies like carrot sticks or green beans are also great options.

If you think your pet might have ingested one of these foods, call your veterinarian immediately, or contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.


Teddy was on a mission

Teddy getting ready to roll

Teddy looks slick in his bow tie!

Recently, I got a call from Casey Dumaine, director of memory care at Masonic Home in Shelbyville. Unlike one of my normal pet sitting phone calls, it was what my son would call a “random” phone call. Sometimes, those random acts can truly change lives. Casey asked if I would be willing to bring a pet to the nursing home for Love your Pet Day on February 20th. I instantly thought of one of the dogs I walk weekly named Teddy. I told her about him and we were both excited of the thought of him coming to visit the residents. I told her I would get back to her after I asked his owner’s permission and we would set up a good time.

 That phone call truly has changed my life, Teddy’s owner Donna’s life and Teddy’s life as well. I went to Feeders Supply and picked up Teddy a cute bow tie, I thought he would love it, it was black with yellow smiley faces on it. The day we were to go visit, I put Teddy’s tie on him and he posed for pictures before we left his home. We had one issue, Teddy wasn’t sure he wanted to get into my car. You see, he is the protector for his momma Donna, he loves her so much and it shows. I had to lift that big boy into my back seat and tell him over and over we would be coming back to his momma in a few hours. I could see the concern in his eyes. This boy wears his heart on his sleeve. When we arrived at the Masonic Home, we got out and Teddy roamed around looking for a good place to go potty and mark his spot. He was his normal happy go lucky sniffy self. Then, we walked into the front doors of the building. He went right into the first office and looked at the sweet girl that greeted us as if to say…is this my office? It was so cute. He was definitely announcing his arrival to her and looking at her with his wrinkled forehead as if he was asking for directions to those in need.


Pet Sitters and Pet Loss

Farm Sitting is available in Shelby County Kentucky

If you have had pets, you most likely have experienced the loss of a pet.  It’s excruciating pain for most that is much like losing a close friend or family member, most likely the latter.  I think the hardest part is our pets are ALWAYS there with us during our daily lives.  Whether it is when we come home from work and they come running or when we are sitting relaxing and they are cuddling with us or maybe they are on the floor on their comfy bed snoring…no matter where we are in our home, they are somehow, in their own way, with us.

Being a pet sitter, I connect with pets much like my own, especially those that I see on a regular basis.  But, not necessarily.  I can see a pet once every 6 months and we might have an instant connection 90% of the time.  For instance, a client of mine right now has a cat that is a “stray” cat, that can mean many things to many people, to me, that usually means it is someone’s cat but they didn’t pay enough attention to him or her so it wandered to the next best person they could find – a neighbor or anywhere there might be food and shelter.  This cat (still not sure if it’s a boy or girl but I call him a boy) has connected to my heart so fast and I just love him.  Today, I actually got him into the sunroom for some MUCH NEEDED love and attention.  He was on my lap and getting belly rubs.  My clients haven’t been able to get this close to him yet and he’s been coming around for a month or so.  It’s a connection with animals that I’m proud of and I’m happy that I have.  It makes my heart skip a beat. 


What is the BEST part of being a Pet Sitter?

What is the BEST part of being a Pet Sitter?
Our Pet Sitter Rhonda has a lot of DOG experience!
Koda & Megan at Woofstock


EVERYTHING!  The very best part is what we learn every day.  Pets teach us so much, we just have to take the time to listen and pay attention.  A day in our lives is truly FUN!  Our “coworkers” are dogs that we get to walk which teaches us that exercise can be FUN and makes us happy.  They like to cuddle, get fed food & treats, get fresh water, play toys…’s all fun.  Our coworkers are also cats who for the most part LOVE to see us.  If they don’t, they hide, which then is a great game of hide and seek, who didn’t like to play that when they were kids?!  Yes, we like to at least put our eyes on those hiding kitties just to be sure they are ok!  I’ve been known to read children’s books to kitties that are scared to try to calm them down.  Sometimes, we get to see rabbits & guinea pigs too, what a great time they are as well.  The guinea pigs are so cute and sure love their greens, they teach us to eat our veggies every day cause they make us feel good!  Bunnies love to hop around and show their appreciation by their happy hops.  And, they remind us to eat our carrots.  :). We see chickens, horses and sometimes sheep.  What we learn from them is respect.  Respect their space, understand their very specific needs and don’t ever forget to shut the gate! 

We also learn so much from our amazing pet parents.  As they share all of their fur baby’s info and tell us all about their unique needs during our meet & greet, the excitement of adding another furry pack member and 2 legged pack member is almost too much.  It brings so much joy to know that another pet parent will worry less about their fur babies while they are away or at work.  And, to know another furry family member will be under our protective wings.  Wow, we do love being pet sitters! 

We would love to learn from YOU and your pets!  Call/text/email today!  Let’s chat!

502.836.9742 or [email protected] 

Waggs 2 Whiskers sitters LOVE their own pets too!
Pet sitting for dogs is so fun
Our Owner Kelly Catlett with Momma the beagle

Lacey the Boxer gets her legs back!

Lacey the boxer and her pet sitter

Lacey is so happy to get any attention from her amazing pet sitter Rhonda, she has no idea what awesomeness she is in for!

Seeing someone do something out of the kindness of their heart never gets old.  I got to experience that last night first hand.  Our sitter Rhonda was able to gift a doggie wheelchair to one of our 4 legged clients.  We have only pet sit for these clients one time.  The pup named Lacey is a boxer who has experienced loss of mobility this past year in her back legs due to a nerve issue in her back.  Lacey is only 9 years old and has a lot of spunk even though she has been dragging her back end behind her for a while now.  The issue is getting worse very fast. Her veterinarian had told Lacey’s momma that she should start thinking about what she is going to do when Lacey can no longer pull her back end around.  She instantly broke into tears, it was just too much to bear, Lacey is just so full of life.  While Rhonda was pet sitting her and her big brother Max recently, she really got to get to know Lacey and found out just how lively she is and how much she wants to run and play.  This gave Rhonda the idea to look into a doggie wheelchair.  She checked it out and found out they are pretty expensive.  So, she thought about it, she had some peachicks that are pretty popular to the bird community.  She thought she would sell chances to win these peachicks and realized she would be able to raise enough money to pay for Lacey’s chair. 

Pet sitting is a true bonding experience

Max loves his pet sitter Rhonda too so he went over to ask what was happening

It happened fast and before she knew it she had the money to order her chair.  She did a lot of research to find the correct one and had to measure Lacey’s legs to be sure it was the right one for her.  All of this happened without Lacey’s mommy and daddy knowing. 

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Have you ever heard of dog transporting?

Dog Transporting is awesome

Hope and Beth enjoying some bonding time during her dog transport


If you haven’t heard of dog transporting, I’m here to share the story of a dog transporter in our area that has helped to save over 140 dogs in just a year and a half!  I first heard of dog transporting back when I volunteered at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.  I didn’t know what it was and asked someone what they were talking about.  It was then I learned about the measures taken in the rescue world to SAVE the homeless pets that are at risk of euthanasia in animal shelters across the US.  Many, without their saviors – the transport coordinators and many, many volunteers – would succumb to what many call “murdering of innocent animals”. 


Beth Merideth, the volunteer transporter I’m speaking about, is one of those people that just wants to make a difference in the lives of homeless pets.  We have this in common and this was the reason we got together to talk about it.  I truly believe people are put in our lives for a reason.  And, she was put in mine to share her story with me.  When she first started transporting, she thought it would be a way to help without having to go to the shelter and see the homeless pets and want to take them all home.  Most of us feel this way, right?  It’s just too sad, we know they are there and we know we don’t want them to die but going there is too emotional.  Especially, if we are huge animal lovers, the pain is just too much. 

So, about a year and a half ago, Beth saw something on Facebook that one of her friends posted about driving a dog to safety.  She inquired about it and the rest is history!  She found out that all she needed to do to help SAVE this dog’s LIFE was go to a particular point in the route that was set up and pick up the dog and drive to the next point on the route and meet another driver who would take the dog to the next stop and so on.  At this point is where she realized it would only take about 2-4 hours of her Saturday and maybe a tank of gas to help take the dog(s) to safety.  She thought to herself, I CAN DO THAT!  It didn’t take long for her to realize this was her passion.  She was looking for something she could do at this point in her life and she wanted to concentrate on giving back.  She chose to become a volunteer transporter. 

She found out quickly that the points in the route are called LEGS.  There are sometimes 5, sometimes 10, sometimes more legs to each route.  The transport is made up of these LEGS and many wonderful animal loving volunteers that sign up to take a LEG, pick up those dogs and take them to the next stop.  When I asked Beth about vehicles she said the biggest misconception is that you need a large vehicle to do this.  That is just not true she said.  Sometimes there are 2 drivers for 4 dogs so you could sign up for 2 and then the transport coordinator would find another volunteer to take the other 2 dogs and the result would be FOUR dogs going to safety!


Beth & Hope

Dog Transporting is awesome

Why use a Professional Pet Sitter instead of a dog kennel?

When you hire a professional pet sitter like you will find with Waggs 2 Whiskers, YOU are going to get a sitter that is 100% focused on YOUR fur babies!  We take our JOB as YOUR pet sitter of choice seriously!  Not only do we put your baby on our calendar (with reminders) but we will find out all of the information we need to take the BEST care of them while you are away!  We will keep all of this information on our contract, we will know exactly what your pets need and want every minute of the day. We LOVE what we do and we LOVE animals!!  We will give your babies ONE on ONE attention EVERY….SINGLE…DAY!  When we come to your house, we aren’t in a hurry to go on to the next pet….OUR responsibility is to be there for YOUR fur babies.  We make sure they are fed correctly, according to your instructions.  We get to know your pets so that we will know if something isn’t right.  They aren’t just given food and water/taken out to potty and on to the next one!  We are THERE just for YOUR baby!!  We will play with your pets and have a good time!  If you have CATS….same goes!  We will sit on the couch and let them hang out on our lap, we LOVE that!  And, nothing against family or friends helping take care of your pets but aren’t they busy?  Do they really WANT to come and spend time with your pets??  If they do and maybe you swap pet sitting, that’s one thing, but if not, and they are doing it just because you asked them to….are they really going to give your pets the FUN and attention that they need and deserve?  Is that really fair to your BFF?  I for one know that your fur babies are WORTH IT!  And, guess what??  When you hire a professional pet sitter, we COME TO YOU!  You won’t have to gather up your babies and take them to the kennel!  You won’t have to pay for nights that you are HOME because the kennel is closed the day you leave or the day you arrive back home.  All you have to do is think of YOU and what you need to pack for your trip!  After all, you deserve a STRESS FREE vacation!  Your fur babies will get to kiss you good-bye and be waiting for you when you get home!  And, the most important aspect…THEY get to stay HOME!!  Now, if you are reading this, I do hope that it’s because you are wondering if this would work for you and your pets!  Only YOU can decide if a professional pet sitter would!  You know your pets best and you know how they act when you are away from home.  It’s not a lot different than when you go to work every day.  Matter of fact, if you need your babies to have a midday let out, we can do that too!!!   There are many benefits to YOU the pet owner also to ponder when choosing a in-home professional pet sitter….your home looks more “lived in” when our pet sitters come to your home, we will take care of YOU as well as your pets!  We will adjust the blinds in the house, turn lights on and off, put that garbage out for the garbage man to take, get your mail, papers and packages while you are away, we will make sure your alarm is set, we will be in your home so we will know if there has been a water pipe broken before it ruins your entire house, we will know if something needs attention. We are HERE to give YOU peace of mind!  You are getting a BARGAIN when you use a professional pet sitter!  Not only are our prices very COMPARABLE to a kennel’s pricing but you get SO MUCH MORE!!  I could go on and on telling you how GREAT it will be to have Waggs 2 Whiskers come to your home and take care of your furry friends….but I suppose I better close for now by telling you, we would love to meet you and your fur babies!  Fill out the contact form on our website and we will be in touch asap to set up your FREE meet & greet!  And, I can promise you…you will NOT be sorry you did!!

Kelly Catlett – PROUD owner of Waggs 2 Whiskers, LLC


[email protected]



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