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What do you learn from your pets?

I read an article recently talking about this subject and it really made me think and to watch my dogs more closely. I have learned so much from them. I’ve learned patience from my pit bull Zoe. More patience than I have ever put into any other human being or animal. Haha! This adopted girl, she has been my challenge “child”. She has tried everything in the book to test me and my husband. She has so many shenanigans I’m not sure which one to tell you about. One of her all-time FAVS is to steal something of yours and run behind the couch that sits kitty corner in our living room – just enough room for her to squeeze in but for you to have to REALLY squeeze or move the couch to get in. She has taken everything from socks to kitchen towels to kleenex to garbage to her brother’s toys to eat, tear up or whatever she can get away with before you can get to her to get it away. That’s IF you get there in time! If not, it will be down her throat either for you to reach in and grab or for some STINKY digestion later. This girl named Zoe also has gained the nickname of “Houdini” in our house as well. She broke out of her crate many of times and the one time when she was REALLY in the mood, AFTER we zip tied the crate together AND put a thumb lock on the crate door, she broke out and then proceeded to dig up the carpet under the door. Yes, patience. I’ve also learned TRUE LOVE from Zoe. She does this well. She attaches to you and all those shenanigans no longer are causing you pain because she is gazing at you with her lovey eyes and showing you how much she appreciates that patience you give her. As a rescue dog, I truly believe that she knows how lucky she is that I didn’t leave her at that shelter that day, instead, I carried her out like a baby in my arms and took her home to nurse her back to health with my husband’s help. We “fostered” her, our title is now “Foster Failures”. Worth every minute of the patience we have given her in her 7 years of life.

Now, my big boy Henry, who is probably a mix between a pit bull and some sort of hound dog, I’ve learned to always SAY what you THINK no matter what time of day or night it is. Just LET it OUT! Don’t think about it…just SAY it! Yes, he is a barker, he has one of those barks that will scare the crap out of you if he lets it out when you aren’t expecting it. And, even though his bark will sometimes irritate Zoe into biting his ankles, that’s ok, he will just keep barking. Ha! This big boy has had some hip issues, so I have learned from him to enjoy my couch sitting because if I do, I’ll feel better and will have energy to have fun later! Nothing wrong with being a little lazy to be able to enjoy life later right? I think not! And, he has taught me to take time to play! Do what I love in the moment. Because we don’t know what may come around the corner, life is too short. One more thing, belly rubs, ahhhh….the belly rubs, the best thing in Henry’s world, the one thing that will stop him in his tracks, calm him down and get you lots of brownie points later, rub that big belly of his and tell him how much you love him. Appreciate the little things, tell those around you that you love them and all can be well in your world too.

These are just a few things I have learned from two of my dogs. I could write all day about this, this may become a series. I have had many other animals in my life that have left a lasting impact on me. And, now that I’m a pet sitter, I learn little tidbits from each animal I care for. Between visiting pets during a pet parent’s vacation to walking dogs on dog walks, there is never an end to what I learn from them. I hope I can teach them half of what I have learned from them. What do you learn from your pets?

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