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We will come to your home and take your dog(s) out for a walk in the neighborhood!  Perfect way to get that extra energy out while their pet parents are at work!

Our cuddly cat care is the purr-fect service for those fluffy felines who deserves the absolute best pampering and playtime. We know cats!

Perhaps your pooch needs a bit more TLC. Our overnight care is the ideal solution for those furry family members that require round-the-clock care.

Farm Sitting is available for those out there with large animals like horses and sheep.  We would be happy to care for them while you get away!

Cat sitting is fun with Sterling
Farm Sitting is available in Shelby County Kentucky
Dog Walking and overnights is the name of our game
Tucker loves our pet sits
She has dog brothers and sisters, is that why she is giving this look?


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Dog Walking is fun with Calvin
Cat Sitting in Simpsonville, Kentucky
Pet Sitting is fun in Shelbyville, Kentucky
We love dog walking in Shelbyville, Kentucky
Your fur babies will love their Tender Loving Care from Waggs 2 Whiskers

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Scared pets and pet sitters

We provide an amazing online system for our clients!!

Time to Pet is a an amazing online system that holds all of your info
and your pets info so we are always on the same page!
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Waggs Delivering Hearts for the Homeless 2018

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Puki & Hazel, the PLAY!

Puki is so darn cute, we got her on video trying to talk Hazel into playing. They both absolutely love rough housing and this day, Puki really had her work cut out for her to talk Hazel into it. Watch this!! HA!

A Day in the LIFE of a Professional Pet Sitter!

More than just pet care!

  • Resources for pet parents
  • Education
  • Community outreach
  • Snout-to-Tail evaluation
Dog sitting in Shelbyville Kentucky is so fun
Cat Sitting in Simpsonville, Kentucky
Pet Sitters in Shelbyville, Kentucky
Cat Sitters in Jefferson County, Ky

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Dog walking with these girls is always an adventure
Dog Sitting in Spencer County Kentucky
Dog walking - Shelbyville Kentucky
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