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Waggs 2 Whiskers is here to solve your pet sitting needs! 

We will come to your home and take your dog(s) out for a walk in the neighborhood!  Perfect way to get that extra energy out while their pet parents are at work!

Our cuddly cat care is the purr-fect service for those fluffy felines who deserves the absolute best pampering and playtime. We know cats!

Perhaps your pooch needs a bit more TLC. Our overnight care is the ideal solution for those furry family members that require round-the-clock care.

Farm Sitting is available for those out there with farm animals like chickens, horses and sheep.  We would be happy to care for them while you get away!

We provide an amazing online system for our clients!!

Time to Pet is a software that puts your profile, messaging, scheduling, and invoicing all in one place!

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Waggs has been featured frequently in the local news!

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More than just pet care!

  • Resources for pet parents
  • Education
  • Community outreach
  • Snout-to-Tail evaluation

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A Day in the Life of a Waggs Sitter

Our Blog Posts

  • Barkley the beauty

    Feline Enrichment Series Part 4

    First, let’s talk Feeding Enrichment:

    If your kitty cat seems to be less interested in their food than normal, before thinking something may be wrong, try some of these ideas to make sure she isn’t just bored.

  • Lily the beauty

    Feline Enrichment Series Part 3

    Part 3 – Cognitive & Sensory Enrichment – let’s talk TOYS!!!

    Let’s get real, MOST people may think that toys are just for dogs. NOT true! Cats need this enrichment, possibly MORE than dogs. Remember in our talk about cat’s basic nature & their adaptations in Part 1 of this series? SO important for kitty cats!

  • Burt the big boy

    Feline Enrichment Series Part 2

    Feline Environment, Enrichment & the Benefits of BOTH

    First, cats adapt to surviving in a large range of environments.  Their most challenging is an indoor environment…surprised?  So was I especially if a kitty is raised from a kitten indoors.  But, keep reading, you will be as amazed as I on how you can enrich that environment and see your kitty come to LIFE!

  • Kitties sunning

    Feline Enrichment Series Part 1

      We here at Waggs 2 Whiskers have been BUSY CATS during this pandemic!  We have been taking advantage of as many trainings as we can push into our brains.  One in particular REALLY put us over the edge about Feline Behaviors & Enrichment.  It was an amazing webinar put on by our wonderful Pet […]

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