Teddy was on a mission

Teddy getting ready to roll

Teddy looks slick in his bow tie!

Recently, I got a call from Casey Dumaine, director of memory care at Masonic Home in Shelbyville. Unlike one of my normal pet sitting phone calls, it was what my son would call a “random” phone call. Sometimes, those random acts can truly change lives. Casey asked if I would be willing to bring a pet to the nursing home for Love your Pet Day on February 20th. I instantly thought of one of the dogs I walk weekly named Teddy. I told her about him and we were both excited of the thought of him coming to visit the residents. I told her I would get back to her after I asked his owner’s permission and we would set up a good time.

 That phone call truly has changed my life, Teddy’s owner Donna’s life and Teddy’s life as well. I went to Feeders Supply and picked up Teddy a cute bow tie, I thought he would love it, it was black with yellow smiley faces on it. The day we were to go visit, I put Teddy’s tie on him and he posed for pictures before we left his home. We had one issue, Teddy wasn’t sure he wanted to get into my car. You see, he is the protector for his momma Donna, he loves her so much and it shows. I had to lift that big boy into my back seat and tell him over and over we would be coming back to his momma in a few hours. I could see the concern in his eyes. This boy wears his heart on his sleeve. When we arrived at the Masonic Home, we got out and Teddy roamed around looking for a good place to go potty and mark his spot. He was his normal happy go lucky sniffy self. Then, we walked into the front doors of the building. He went right into the first office and looked at the sweet girl that greeted us as if to say…is this my office? It was so cute. He was definitely announcing his arrival to her and looking at her with his wrinkled forehead as if he was asking for directions to those in need.



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