Sweet Gretchen

GretchenLosing a pet that you have pet sit is such a sad experience. I make connections with all pets that I pet sit. we spend time together..I take care of their needs but also their wants, I love them when they need it cause they miss their human family. Gretchen was a special girl that had such a calm nature and would almost look through you. We connected instantly. Some dogs just know, Gretchen did. She went over that rainbow bridge on Wednesday leaving her very sweet momma behind. I will never see her again and that hurts. But I have to mourn in a different way. Her pack mates and I were together so we prayed for her family. And I told them they would need to give their momma extra loves when she got home. You see, the pets mourn too..we have to remember that they spend every waking moment with their pack mates. They need extra attention during their time of loss. Pet sitting is such a gift…sharing the sad and happy times with people and their pets is so rewarding in many ways.


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