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There is NEVER a good time to announce that we lost one of our dogs recently so on National Dog Day is the day.   Saying just that puts a huge lump in my throat!  Mainly because “one of our dogs” doesn’t even come close to describing our boxer Sadie.  I’m sure if you are a pet owner and you are reading this…you may have felt exactly the same as I do at one time.  I’ve always said the ONLY negative of owning a pet is knowing they won’t live as long as we do.  Even though there are potty accidents, dog fights at times, shenanigans, middle of the night potty times….all pet owners know that without them, life would be pretty boring.  And, when we lose them, it’s not a lot different than losing a family member.  We spend every day of our life with them, we feed them, love on them, walk with them, communicate with them, they give us unconditional love and I’m not sure if that is what we give them but we DO love them so much.  My heart hurts every time I look for Sadie in the house, and that has been a LOT since July 30th. 

You see, she was THE most amazing dog I have ever known and I have known thousands by now.  My daughter found her roaming around in the country one night looking thin and sad.  She was only about 8 months old we found out later.  We are pretty sure she was chased off by a breeder that didn’t want her.  We only know this because of how smart this girl was.  First, she was a short stocky boxer, pretty sure she was the runt, the breeder must have not been able to sell her.  So, they shot a gun and off she ran. (She showed us later her fear of guns)  Our blessing is she ran to my daughter who was at a friend’s house that night.  My daughter is a huge animal lover too and they instantly took her in.  When she came to our house, we didn’t know what to do.  We were sure she was somebody’s dog.  After all, she was a full bred boxer!  She was so cute and sweet and her little nub tail just went crazy when she saw us and our sons who were 11 and 14 at the time.  We didn’t have a dog in the house then and we weren’t sure if we could handle one with the kids’ schedules and us working a lot.  So, we put an ad in the paper under the FOUND section.  Nobody called.  In the meantime, we easily got attached to this amazingly smart girl.  In 2 days, she learned how to ring a bell when she had to go potty.  That first time she did it, I can still see her sweet little face when she rang it and peeked her head into the living room looking at us as if to say ‘did you hear me ring the bell all by myself?’.  It was soooo….sweet!  So, after a few weeks, we decided to take Sadie to the vet for a checkup since nobody claimed her, and there was no doubt we were going to keep her.  She had every kind of worm you could think of, she went through a lot of treatments but finally they were gone and she had a clean bill of health…my husband called her the million dollar dog…ha!  Worth every penny! 

We learned many things about Sadie in her life, one was that she LOVED to cook.  She was always in the kitchen when cooking was going on.  She would give you looks as if to tell you to watch a pot so it didn’t boil over or would go to the oven and look in as if to watch the cake rise.  Very intuitive she was, in so many ways.  She never begged for food, she always sat for anything we would give her.  She loved to eat but ate for survival.  She was the leader of our pack, she tried to teach Zoe & Henry & Abby as puppies to ring the bell to go out to potty but not one of them would listen.  When they pottied on the floor, she would look at us as if to say….’I tried everything I could to get them to listen to me and they just won’t’.  We couldn’t help but laugh.  She gave us a LOT of laughs in her lifetime.  As the leader, when we would take her and Zoe & Henry places like one time to Metzgers Country Store for Santa pictures, she was on guard to protect them from any “dog” predators.  A huge lab about twice her size walked by her and didn’t even look at her and before we knew it she was on his back like a monkey!  Ha!  It was hilarious mainly because she wasn’t biting him but telling him to STAY AWAY from her puppies (who were also larger than her by then).   She also stood on guard when the grandbabies came later.  She would sit right in front of whoever was holding the baby and if Zoe or Henry (who were much more rambunctious than her) came near she would growl and push them back.  She was the protector of all. 

Later in her life, she slowed down but still wanted to run and play like a puppy.  She did that up until about a week before she died at age 12 of cancer, she had a large tumor in her belly.  She never complained much about it but we saw signs when her eating changed.  Then, the night she passed on to heaven, she came to me and looked directly in my eyes as if to say ‘Mommy…it’s time’.  I told her many times in her last month of her life to please tell me when it was time.  She followed through on her promise.  These memories are just a small part of why I loved Sadie so much.  Sadie had such a presence about her.  I always said she was a human in a dog’s body and I still feel that way.  And, I miss my girl so much.  Zoe & Henry miss their “mommy” also.  We all miss Sadie’s presence and unconditional love.  Life will never be the same in our house.  The mourning continues for everyone.  There is no doubt that we will always have dogs in our lives but our Sadie girl will always be number one.  Thanks for listening.  Feel free to share your stories of pets you have lost.  It really helps to either talk about it by writing about it or speaking the words.

Take care, Kelly




  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how you are feeling and it’s tough to get through those days. Keep your head up and you will make especially in the business that you are in.


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