We hope that you will choose Waggs 2 Whiskers for your pet sitting needs.  Below are our policies and procedures, please take a look and let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help!  


  • Clients Return home to their fur babies:
  • W2W asks ALL CLIENTS to contact the W2W office upon their return home. We want to know that your babies have their family home and are being taken care of by their amazing pet parents. 🙂
  • Scheduling Service:
  • Waggs 2 Whiskers prefers that our clients use Time to Pet to schedule all of your pet sitting appointments. If you need help accessing the site or if you aren’t sure how to schedule your visits, we can help you! Please just let us know by email at [email protected] or phone at 502-836-9742.
  • Payment Policy:
  • All payments for service are due prior to your first pet sit. Waggs 2 Whiskers prefers that you pay by credit card. You can enter your card into Time to Pet and we will do the rest. Your card will be charged while you are away. If you want to pay by check, your check will need to be left at your home prior to your departure so that late charges will not be incurred.
  • Pet Sitting Visiting Hours:
  • Early AM – 5am – 6am 
  • AM – 6am – 9am 
  • Midday – 11am – 2pm
  • PM – 5 – 7pm
  • Late Evening pet sit – 8-10pm
  • Overnight sit – 8pm – 6am
  • Our Pet sitting BASIC visit includes:
  1. 30 minutes of top quality pet sitting at your home
  2. Animals Fed & Watered
  3. Potty break/short walk
  4. Litter box cleaned 
  5. Pets pampered
  6. Playtime
  7. House monitored
  8. Lights cycled
  9. Indoor Plants watered
  10. Brushing/combing 
  11. Visit note sent through our Time to Pet system
  12. Putting out garbage to curb
  • 30 minute cat pet sit – $23
  • 30 minute dog pet sit – $25
  • 30 minute dog walk – $25
  • Overnight Sitting (10 hour)- $75
  • Overnight Sitting (12 hour) – $95
  • Farm Sitting – Starts at $35
  • Pet Taxi (Trips to groomer, vet, doggie daycare) – $25
  • Dog Walking – 30 minutes:  
  • We will take your dog or dogs (3 small dogs max or 2 large dogs max) out for a walk in your neighborhood, even if you are at home! 
  • Extras available to add to the BASIC pet sitting visit:
  1. Extra dogs over 3 – $3 each 
  2. Early AM sits (5am-6am) & Late Evening sits (8pm-10pm) are a $5 additional charge
  3. Key pick up/drop off – $10 
  4. Payment pick up – $10 
  5. Oral Meds – $3 per visit
  6. Administering diabetic shots to your pet – $5 
  7. Extra mileage – out of our Shelby County service area – starts at $3 – please ask for more details
  8. Holidays – $5 fee per pet sitting visit – all major holiday weeks
  9. Last Minute Reservations (Less than 24 hour notice) – $10 fee
  10. Additional Meet & Greets – to meet new pets, tour a new home, update pet/client information – $25
  • Overnight Visits:
  1. Includes 10 hours (8pm – 6am) of one on one TLC for your pets! We will hang out with your fur babies all evening and even sleep with them if that’s what is normal at your house!
  2. 12 hour overnights are available (generally 7pm-7am)
  3. Overnights work great for those fur babies that need some extra love and pampering.  
  • Vaccination Policy:
  1.  All pets must have required immunizations, proof required at meet & greet.
  2. Must be current on Rabies vaccinations
  3. Must have had Distemper/Parvo within past year
  • House Key Maintenance & Return:
  1. Two keys are required for all pet sitting jobs taken by W2W. One key will be kept secure with your primary sitter, the other key will be kept secure for backup with the owner of W2W. Two keys are required to be picked up at the time of the reservation and/or meet & greet. If there is only one key and W2W needs to make a copy, a $5 service fee will be added to your first invoice.  
  2. All house keys will be in our possession at all times
  3. Pick up & return of house keys will require a $10 charge 
  • Job Sharing:
  1. Sitting jobs may be shared by different sitters
  2. We will accept assignments where a neighbor or family member is asked to provide some of the pet care. But, we will need name, phone contact info and info on when these persons will be at the residence. As in our pet sitting contract, if there are other people in your home while you are away, Waggs 2 Whiskers cannot be held liable for unlocked doors and/or lost pets. 


  • Leash/Identification Policy:
  1. All dogs will be required to be on a leash at all times unless they are contained in a fenced area – NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  2. Dogs must have identification on their collars at all times while under the care of Waggs 2 Whiskers.


  • Fencing: 
  1. W2W does not assume responsibility or liability for animals that escape or are injured when the sitters are instructed to leave an animal in a fenced-in area – including electronic underground fencing.  
  • Last Minute Reservations:
  1. We will accept last minute reservations (less than 24 hours notice) from our established clients
  2. Extra charge of $10 for last minute reservations will be added to your pet sitting invoice
  • Cancellations/Early Return/Refunds:
  1. Cancellations for daily pet sitting or dog walking must be received by 7pm the evening before or the normal pet sitting charge will apply.
  2. If our clients return early from vacation, W2W will charge the normal fee for the day of return and 50% of all fees until the scheduled day of return.  
  3. If cancellations are received according to these requirements, a full refund will be given.  
  • Reservations/Deposits:
  1. It is recommended that you make your reservations at least 48 hours in advance preferably in Time to Pet.
  2. Your reservation will be confirmed by email from W2W.
  3. Long term reservations require a 50% non-refundable deposit. If we are putting you on our calendar for a long term assignment (1 week or more), we may have to turn down other pet sitting jobs to accommodate your pets. Therefore, we will need to charge a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.  
  4. All Overnight sits require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of your reservation. We have limited availability for overnight sits, therefore, your deposit holds your spot on our calendar.
  • Privacy Policy:
  1. Waggs 2 Whiskers takes our client’s privacy seriously. Time to Pet is a SECURE website or we would not use it. Any information entered into the site and/or verbally discussed, emailed or texted to any Waggs owners or independent contractors is held with the utmost confidence.  
  • Inclement Weather Policy:
  1. Waggs 2 Whiskers will use our best judgement in caring for your pets during inclement weather. We may choose to take your pets for a quick potty break and have indoor playtime instead of a daily dog walk if the weather is not cooperating (ie: downpours, ice, snow). We will attempt to carry out all of your instructions which may include contacting an emergency contact or neighbor to access your pet and handle feeding etc. If we are unable to reach your home and your service needs to be altered in any way, you will be contacted and made aware of the plan.  
  • Unforeseen purchases: 
  1. If sitters run out of food, litter or cleaning supplies and they have to purchase said supplies for our clients, a copy of the receipt will be left at the client’s home and the amount along with a $10 trip fee for this service will be added to your invoice.
  • Clients Return home to their fur babies:
  • W2W asks ALL CLIENTS to contact the W2W office upon their return home. We want to know that your babies are now being taken care of by their amazing pet parents.  
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