Phew…that was a close one!

Well that was a first for me! I got to a client’s house, let the dogs out in their fenced yard that also has underground fence on the inside of that (extra protection is a good thing!) and the male that likes to bark started barking at something along the fence…thank God he couldn’t get to it! I got the dogs back in the house to investigate and it was a black cat with a CAN stuck on its face all the way to his ears!! Omgosh!! I saw it was breathing so went for it and grabbed the can and started turning it really slow back and forth pulling gently and in about 3 seconds the can was off and he ran as fast as he can up and over the fence he went! Wow!!!! That was something!! Poor baby! I told my guy that was barking…good boy! We saved a cat today!! :))


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