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I don’t think there is anything I love more than to listen to a pet parent tell me the story of how or why they got their pet.  Recently, I had the joy of speaking with a banker friend of mine, someone I don’t pet sit for but she knows my business and as it normally happens…we end up talking about our fur babies.  This story in particular brought tears to both of our eyes.  She started at somewhat of the beginning of the story about 7 years ago.  Sadly, her father was battling cancer and was close to the end of his life.  He encouraged her to get a dog for his grandson who NEEDED a dog.  This took my friend by surprise because she knew that when she was a child, he was thoroughly against having a dog, her mother tried on many occasions for her and her siblings.  He never thought dogs belonged in the house…yadda..yadda.  But, then, sad as it sounds, on his death bed, he was asking his daughter to get his grandson a dog because he needed one for companionship.  She didn’t want to take on this responsibility and had put it off for several years even though her son REALLY wanted a dog for a while now.  She told her dad so.  She even flat out asked him WHY he was pushing her to get her son a dog when he didn’t want her to have one when she was growing up.  I think she had followed in her father’s footsteps and was feeling the same way he was when she was a child…they’re too much work…her son would never take care of it….she would have to do everything for the dog.  But, finally not long before her father passed, she gave in and got her son a small dog, a Jack Russell Terrier.  And…what a FIRST dog he was.  He was so tiny, he could fit in the palm of your hand, she told me.  Proudly, she took her grandson and the puppy to see her dad.  He took one look at the puppy, his grandson and her and looked right in her eyes and told her…I’m proud of you……  It was an amazing moment in the story.  I saw in her eyes what that meant to her.  To this day…JACK – yes…as she said..real original…has been nothing short of a Godsend to her son and her entire family.  He has been with them for 7 years now and is the joy of their lives.  Her father’s last gift to them all…kind of like a legacy, little Jack has brought love and life to their home and gave them a daily reminder of how important it is to love something so much it brings tears…






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