Pet Sitting

$24 for cats and $26 for dogs/sit*

Do you ever wish you could go on vacation and have no worries about your pets?  Here’s your chance to do just that!  We come to your home and play, go for walks, feed, give treats & fresh water, anything you would do with your pets when you are there.  We are 100% committed to offering you peace of mind and the most excellent care for your fur babies.

Pet sitting and dog walking is great
Mitty the cat is all about her cat sitter

Below is a listing of everything that is included in our pet sits:

  • Potty breaks/short walks
  • Litter box scooped for cats and floor swept/kept clean around
  • Pets fed and fresh water given
  • Clean up aisle 5 – any accidents/messes cleaned up and disposed of properly
  • Playtime!  Yahoo!  We will gladly play and pamper your pets!
  • We can brush, comb and handle general grooming for your pets if that’s what they like!
  • House monitoring – Blinds opened/closed, lights cycled, garbage out to curb.
  • We can get your mail and newspapers
  • We send visit report cards after every visit along with pictures of your pets if they like photo ops!

*Prices may vary depending on your individual needs. Please call us at 502-836-9742 or EMAIL us today @ [email protected] for more information or to set up a FREE Meet & Greet in your home!

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