Pet Sitters are for YOU and your pet!



Providing Pet Care for your pet so YOU can enjoy some ME time!

Do you work long hours?  Do you feel guilty leaving your pet home alone ALL day?  Pet sitting services would be perfect for you!  Pet sitters offer many options to help you care for your pet in your relaxing HOME environment.   It’s like having doggy daycare in your house without the stress of taking them out!  Pet sitters offer many options to help you have your pet waiting for you happy and with its belly full at the end of the day.  We can offer midday pet care so the day isn’t so long for your pet.  We can also offer dinner sits in case you are running late and your fur baby is hungry!  Stop worrying about your pet and focus on work so you can come home and RELAX!  And, in the meantime, let your pet have a great day too!

Are you constantly running home midday or after work to take care of your pets and turning down invites for some FUN in your life?  It’s TIME for you and your pet to enjoy life and have some FUN!  Pet sitting is for many types of animals but if your dog likes to be walked, our dog walkers can help!  Exercise will help your dog be in a more relaxed state when you get home and you can REST together!  Cat sitting is also so important.  Cats need socialization too.  They love having their box scooped and their water bowl filled with fresh cold water.  Pet sitters can do this for you.  So, after a long day at work and some fun out with friends, you can come home and sit on the couch and enjoy your relaxed pets for the evening! 

Do you just want to go to the gym after work and not worry about running home first to let the dogs out?  We know what it’s like, once you get home getting back out to go the gym seems like a 12 hour trip!  LOL!  So, go to the gym right after work and get your workout in!  Our pet sitters will go to your home, take your dog for their exercise walk and get them dinner and you can come home knowing you did good for YOU and your pet today!  And you will both be ready to relax and cuddle.   

Are you planning on going on vacation and don’t want to take your dog to a kennel?  Or, do you have cats that need care at home?  Pet sitting is the PERFECT alternative to dog boarding or dog kennels.  And, we come to you so that your cats can have their litter box scooped daily and enjoy the pets and love that they so desire!  If you are going on vacation and you would like someone to stay at your home to keep an eye on things, that is what pet sitters do!  We will even house sit at a home with no pets if you would just like someone to watch over your home.  We rotate the lights, get the mail & paper, take out your garbage, we take care of it all while you enjoy a much needed vacation.  And, your pets get a lot of one on one pet care.  We also can offer pet sits where we will come and visit your pets and take your dogs out to potty and make sure they have fresh water and food as many times a day as you would like. 

Having pets is a joy but is also a lot of work.  Let your pet sitter take some of the weight off your shoulders so that both you and your pets are happier and healthier. 

Call Waggs 2 Whiskers, LLC today for pet sitting in and around Shelbyville, KY!  We are bonded, insured and waiting for your call or text.  502-836-9742.  Or, check out our website –  You can even email us with your questions – [email protected] 



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