Pet Sitters and Pet Loss

Pet Sitters and Pet Loss

If you have had pets, you most likely have experienced the loss of a pet.  It’s excruciating pain for most that is much like losing a close friend or family member, most likely the latter.  I think the hardest part is our pets are ALWAYS there with us during our daily lives.  Whether it is when we come home from work and they come running or when we are sitting relaxing and they are cuddling with us or maybe they are on the floor on their comfy bed snoring…no matter where we are in our home, they are somehow, in their own way, with us.

Being a pet sitter, I connect with pets much like my own, especially those that I see on a regular basis.  But, not necessarily.  I can see a pet once every 6 months and we might have an instant connection 90% of the time.  For instance, a client of mine right now has a cat that is a “stray” cat, that can mean many things to many people, to me, that usually means it is someone’s cat but they didn’t pay enough attention to him or her so it wandered to the next best person they could find – a neighbor or anywhere there might be food and shelter.  This cat (still not sure if it’s a boy or girl but I call him a boy) has connected to my heart so fast and I just love him.  Today, I actually got him into the sunroom for some MUCH NEEDED love and attention.  He was on my lap and getting belly rubs.  My clients haven’t been able to get this close to him yet and he’s been coming around for a month or so.  It’s a connection with animals that I’m proud of and I’m happy that I have.  It makes my heart skip a beat. 



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