Local Pet Adoption

Local Pet Adoption
Local Pet Adoption



Shelby County Humane Society – 

Mary Gaylord McClean Spay and Neuter Clinic is located at 400 Hudson Blvd  Shelbyville, Kentucky.  Phone number:  502-633-4033

Kitty Cottage is located at 40 North 7th Street  Shelbyville, Kentucky.  Phone number:  502-633-4033.

The Shelby County Humane Society is a non-profit, no-kill rescue located in Shelbyville, Kentucky. “No-kill” means animals stay with us or in foster homes until they are adopted. No animal is euthanized unless it is medically necessary. Our work includes rescue of homeless animals, pet adoptions, a spay/neuter program, The Buddy Bus Transport Program, Chains No More and  and humane education. It is our goal to provide these services to the best of our ability in the hope that we can significantly reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals in our community, as well as educating the public about responsible pet ownership. We gratefully accept donations and any volunteer time you have to offer.


Shelby County Animal Shelter –

Shelby County Animal Shelter is located at 266 Kentucky Street in Shelbyville, Kentucky. 

Phone number:  502-633-0009.

Our mission remains the same: to safeguard the health and safety of our citizens, while humanely housing and caring for our animals, protecting the animals in our community from neglect and providing information concerning responsible pet ownership; all in accordance with Kentucky Revised Statutes and the Shelby County Animal Ordinance.


Operation CatSnip of Kentucky, Inc. –

Operation CatSnip is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to effectively and safely decrease the population of free roaming, stray and barn cats through a humane, convenient, self-sustaining trap-neuter-return-management (TNRM) program in central Kentucky.
The secondary purpose is, through education and outreach, to inform the public of the benefits of managing colonies, as opposed to ineffective removal and euthanasia.

We also run an adoptable cat/kitten program through our off site adoption facility at Petco (Hurstbourne Lane) and PetSmart (Westport Rd.) in Louisville. We pull adoptable kittens and cats from TNR colonies when we have space.

To contact Operation CatSnip, go to their website and click on the Contact Us link: 

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