Lacey the Boxer gets her legs back!

Lacey the boxer and her pet sitter

Lacey is so happy to get any attention from her amazing pet sitter Rhonda, she has no idea what awesomeness she is in for!

Seeing someone do something out of the kindness of their heart never gets old.  I got to experience that last night first hand.  Our sitter Rhonda was able to gift a doggie wheelchair to one of our 4 legged clients.  We have only pet sit for these clients one time.  The pup named Lacey is a boxer who has experienced loss of mobility this past year in her back legs due to a nerve issue in her back.  Lacey is only 9 years old and has a lot of spunk even though she has been dragging her back end behind her for a while now.  The issue is getting worse very fast. Her veterinarian had told Lacey’s momma that she should start thinking about what she is going to do when Lacey can no longer pull her back end around.  She instantly broke into tears, it was just too much to bear, Lacey is just so full of life.  While Rhonda was pet sitting her and her big brother Max recently, she really got to get to know Lacey and found out just how lively she is and how much she wants to run and play.  This gave Rhonda the idea to look into a doggie wheelchair.  She checked it out and found out they are pretty expensive.  So, she thought about it, she had some peachicks that are pretty popular to the bird community.  She thought she would sell chances to win these peachicks and realized she would be able to raise enough money to pay for Lacey’s chair. 

Pet sitting is a true bonding experience

Max loves his pet sitter Rhonda too so he went over to ask what was happening

It happened fast and before she knew it she had the money to order her chair.  She did a lot of research to find the correct one and had to measure Lacey’s legs to be sure it was the right one for her.  All of this happened without Lacey’s mommy and daddy knowing. 

Lacey with her pet daddy and her pet sitter Rhonda

Lacey the boxer is very interested in what looks like some fun!

After her chair arrived, we scheduled a time to go over and see Lacey’s pet parents and her and Max. I’m sure they wondered why we wanted to come over and visit, so glad they didn’t ask a lot of questions.  :)). That visit happened last night, what a surprise it was.  Wow, I’m still reeling over it.  Tears were shed and there were many speechless moments during our visit.  But, Rhonda and Lacey’s daddy got Lacey all fitted for her chair and she showed us how great it works for her!  She was already walking good with it, she is treat motivated so she is happy to do anything for treats.  I’m sure in a week she will be out running with her brother Max.  When she does, I will share a video.  Her pet parents are going to keep us posted.  They are “overwhelmed” is what Lacey’s momma said! 

Dog walking is so important

Lacey wasn’t sure how to act with her new wheels to help her walk but she figured it out pretty fast!



I am so blessed to have Rhonda as a friend, neighbor and a pet sitter for Waggs.  She has enriched my life more than she knows!!!  This amazing gift she provided to Lacey and her family is such a generous and selfless act of kindness.  It gave me goosebumps every time we talked about it before, during and after we went to Lacey’s house.  When it seems like there is no more good in the world, something like this really brings me back to the realization that YES, there are still GREAT people doing GREAT things, sometimes we have to look for them but when we do, it reminds us that WE can do good things too.  And, focusing on those things instead of the bad in the world can make a difference in OUR lives!  There’s always someone to help, no matter how small or big the difference you make, we can all BE the positive that our world needs more of.  Why not?  It could be as simple as our time to hold a hand, give a hug or a smile.  Or, we could raise money to help someone in need.  Anything is possible, absolutely anything!

Lacey is ready to run and chase her family now thanks to her amazing pet sitter Rhonda!

Lacey the boxer and her new wheels

Lacey is so proud of her new wheels! Donated to her by her pet sitter Rhonda, she is ready to roll!

Pet Sitting is an amazing service for Waggs 2 Whiskers

Lacey is so proud of her new wheels and she knows it makes her mommy happy


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