• A pet sit is kind of like babysitting but we don’t stay with your pet all day/night.  We will come to your home while you are away and visit with your pet, feed and water them and take them outside if they need to go out.  We can even take them for a short walk if they like it.  Or, we can just cuddle with them on the couch, just whatever your pet likes.  We customize every single pet sit to match your pet’s needs. 

  • Our limit for dog walking is 2 large or 3 small dogs.  We only walk dogs in the same family. 

  • We service Shelby County, Spencer County, Franklin County & Eastern Jefferson County Kentucky.  Check out our service map under the tab – Services & Fees.  🙂  Please fill out the contact form with your address so that we can GPS if there is a question.

  • We walk your dog in your neighborhood.  Please let us know if there is a route we shouldn’t take because of loose dogs in the area or any other issues. 

  • We will walk your dogs in inclement weather as long as it’s not pouring down rain or there is a foot of snow on the ground.   We can substitute indoor play time if the weather is too severe to walk.

  • Our pet sits and dog walks are between the hours of 6-9 AM and 11AM & 2PM.  We can also do dog walks in the evening between 5pm & 7pm if that is what your schedule requires. We also offer an early AM visit from 5-6am if needed. 

  • The main reason we require all dogs to be on a leash outside of a fenced in area is for their own safety and for ours.  Any number of things could happen when dogs are off leash.  Another dog could come into your yard and start to attack your dog and we would not be able to defend them if they are out of our reach.  Another reason is for liability.  We take our job seriously and we don’t want to take the chance on anyone getting hurt.  We know how puppies can be when their mommy and daddy are away, they don’t always listen to the sitter as well as they do their pet parents. 

  • Your pet sitter will contact you immediately if your pet were to get sick during a pet sit.  You will make the decision on what type of care you would like your pet to receive.  Also, as part of our contract with you, you will authorize Waggs to take your pet to the vet if needed.  If we cannot get in touch with you, we will get your pet to the vet ASAP and handle the emergency as if your babies were our own.  There will be an hourly charge for our pet sitters to take your sick pet to the doc. 

  • Waggs 2 Whiskers accepts Visa, MasterCard debit & credit cards along with Discover & American Express credit cards.  We also accept checks and cash. 

  • You can fill out the contact form on our website, email us at or you can call or text at 502-836-9742.  Once you contact us, we will find a good time to set up a complimentary meet & greet where we will come and visit you and see if we are a good fit for you and your fur babies.

  • Dog walking is a convenience compared to doggie daycare.  It is also great for dogs who do not get along with others.  Waggs 2 Whisker’s dog walkers will come to your home and pick up your dog and take them for a walk in your neighborhood.  Not only do fur babies get to stay home in their familiar surroundings all day but they will also get to walk in the neighborhood they are used to walking in.  And, their pet parents can just get up in the morning and go to work, no worries about having to make another stop to take their babies to and from doggie daycare.  No need for the bordetella vaccination or the canine flu shot either since your babies will be staying in their own home environment. 

  • An overnight sit is a 10 hour pet sit.  It is from 8pm-6am. Waggs 2 Whiskers will have a sleepover with your pets.  It’s great fun and a nice change of pace for us!  We will even sleep with your pets if that’s what they like! Your pets will get lots of evening cuddling time and outside potty time.  And, we will provide breakfast in the morning before we leave.  This is a great service for those pets that need extra TLC while their pet parents are away.  

  • 30 minutes.  From the time we open your front door until the time we lock it up and leave, 30 minutes minimum.  That is 30 minutes of one on one time with your pet.  And, we LOVE every single minute.  Sometimes, if we don’t have a jam packed schedule, we will even spend a few more extra minutes with your baby(s).  Yes, we love them and pet sitting that much! 

  • We can customize your pet sit to include anything you need us to do while we are at your home.  In general, the following items are included. 

    ·        30 minutes of top quality pet sitting at your home

    ·        Animals Fed & Watered

    ·        Potty break/short walk

    ·        Litter box cleaned

    ·        Pets pampered

    ·        Playtime

    ·        House monitored

    ·        Lights cycled

    ·        Indoor Plants watered

    ·        Brushing/combing

    ·        Visit note from our online system including pics of your fur babies

    ·        Putting out garbage to curb

    Yes…we can do ALL of that in 30 minutes!  And, we and your pets love every minute!

  • Yes, a pet sit is generally for pet parents that are on vacation or off on a business trip.  And, it includes things such as getting your mail, rotating lights in your home etc.  A dog walk is just that, we come to your home and put the leash on your dog(s) and take them for a walk in your neighborhood.  While we are there, we will also freshen their water and give them a treat if that is what you would like us to do. 

  • We will do everything in our power to make sure your pet sit is completed as scheduled.  We want to stay safe and keep your pet safe at all times.  If there are tornadoes, lightening, thunder (which may cause your pet to be anxious), we will stay indoors until it passes.  If we are unable to get to your home, we may contact your emergency contact for help.  You will always be aware of any changes to your scheduled pet sit. 

  • Yes, we do.  Our fee is $5 per pet sit on all major holiday weeks including Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.  This is to reward our pet sitters for spending their holidays with your furry family. 

  • Yes, we can if you are an established client.  We will do everything we can to meet our client’s needs.  If you are not an established client, there will need to be time for a meet & greet with you and your fur babies before you leave town. 

  • Absolutely, if you would like us to clean up your pet’s waste during our pet sit, we can do that.  We ask that our client’s provide pooper scoop bags or grocery bags to do so.  We will dispose of the waste in an outside garbage can as well. 

  • Yes, we do.  The policy differs depending on the type of pet sitting you have scheduled.

    Daily pet sitting clients – We require 24 hours in advance cancellation in order to receive a full refund.

    Midday dog walking clients – We require the cancellation to be received by 7pm the night before the walk is scheduled.

    Vacation clients – If our vacationing clients return early, we will charge the full fee for the day of return and 50% of all fees until the scheduled day of return.

  • Tips are not expected but are appreciated!  Our pet sitters go above and beyond for our clients as a general rule but if you would like to show them your appreciation for a job well done, feel free!  You can add this to your invoice on our Time to Pet system OR you can just send our owner Kelly an email and she would be happy to do it for you!  Thank you!!