Dog Walking

Dog Walking
Dog Walking
Dog Walking
Dog Walking

There are many reasons why our dogs need to walk.  One of the most important is energy release. Dogs LOVE to smell the grass and get exercise.  If your dog is restless and acting bored, this might just be what they need!  Below is a listing of everything included in our dog walks.

  • 30 minutes of leash walking exploring the outdoors in your neighborhood for 2 large dogs or 3 small dogs from the same household
  • Fresh water given
  • Treats if your doggie likes them!
  • Lots of doggy talk while we walk…your babies will love it!

Pricing for this service start at $26 per walk. 

Prices may vary depending on your individual needs.  We will customize a pricing plan for your needs.  Our clients are all different and we respect that.  Please call us at 502-836-9742 or email us @ [email protected] us for more information or to set up a FREE meet & greet in your home!


Here are Waggs 2 Whisker’s TOP TEN!

  1. It Relaxes your DOG – Not only will dog walking relieve excess energy in your dog, it will also relax them and help them to get through the day without their pet parent.
  2. Reduces Obesity/Increases healthiness in dogs – Walking will help keep your dog in tip top shape.  Whether you feed your dog the amount you should or not, walking keeps your dog HEALTHY!
  3. Helps with behavior issues – If your dog is cooped up all day while you are at work, it can cause destructive behavior and stress.  Walking makes 99% of dogs happier!  Reduce their boredom by letting them release that energy!  No more hyperactive dogs when you get home from work.
  4. Increased Social Interaction – Meeting other people and other dogs is great for a dog’s confidence!  He will learn how to interact with others and understand what is and what isn’t socially acceptable in the dog world.
  5. Helps with digestion – Just moving will help your dog with digestion!  It can even help to relieve constipation in dogs. 
  6. Walking can alleviate arthritis in dogs – Not only will walking help keep your dog’s frame strong, it can help alleviate arthritis and other degenerative joint issues. 
  7. Walking will help your dog’s mental state – Your dog’s nose helps them gain knowledge of the world around them.  Allowing them to sniff many different places & things will help him have a more calm mental state.
  8. It’s NATURAL!  – Since dogs will always be a pack animal, walking fulfills their natural instincts for roaming and exploring.  Walking provides them a sense of direction and accomplishment. 
  9. Dogs love structure – Dogs are happier when they have structure in their day.  If they get a walk every day and look forward to it and love it, they will be happier pets!
  10. Dog walking can lengthen a dog’s life – Improving their heart function and providing a lean and trim body, walking can lengthen a dog’s lifespan. 
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