Can we help HOMELESS pets?

Something has been on my mind lately and I thought I would share my thoughts here with my blog readers!  Have you ever wanted to volunteer at an animal shelter or humane society but couldn’t get yourself to walk through the door?  Have you seen the homeless animal posts on Facebook or other social media and thought to yourself…I wish I could help them?  Maybe you don’t have time?  Or, you just can’t make yourself walk through those doors and see all of the unwanted pets inside.  If this is you, what COULD you do to help?  Could you offer financial assistance but maybe you’re afraid of where your money may go?  Will it really help the animals?  I’m asking you these questions because this is ME too!  And, I think there are MANY people out there that feel the same.  I used to volunteer at the shelter, I did it for 5 years before I started my business and time became my enemy.  I worked full time AND ran my business part time AND I have a family!  So, time was not something I had a lot of.  So, I walked out and never went back.  I made a difference there, I cared for pets, I walked dogs, I took pictures of these pets and posted them on Petfinder in hopes that someone out there would see them and come and adopt them.  I watched MANY animals get adopted.  I also watched MANY animals get passed by over and over, for months and months.  This is not for the faint at heart. 

The problem is MOST animals, especially dogs, don’t SHOW well in the shelter environment, they’re scared so they hide from people that walk by to look, or they bark at the people, they don’t know what to do so they just sleep through it after a while because they have given up.  The solution to this is SOCIALIZATION!  It’s the number ONE thing that will increase a pet’s chances at getting adopted and getting OUT of that shelter or humane society.  Why?  Because they are friendlier with people – they realize that people are not their enemy!  (Remember, their person either dropped them off there or never came looking for them when they were lost.  🙁 )  When someone walks into the shelter, the animals are more curious because they LIKE people!  This is HUGE and could increase their chances at getting adopted TREMENDOUSLY!  As a pet service business owner, I’ve been soul searching to find a way to give back to these animals and get them OUT of the shelter, even if for a short time.  That usually is the issue at the shelters.  The dogs go kennel crazy because nobody has time to socialize with them.  They are too busy feeding and cleaning which takes a LOT of time for a LOT of homeless animals which unfortunately are in our shelters.  I have done some research and I have seen other companies offer a SPONSORSHIP to a shelter pet.  That would mean those people that WANT to help could SPONSOR a dog to get a doggy adventure.  In return they would get a thank you email with pictures and a short story about that doggy adventure.  Or, they could sponsor a cat to get some extra special TLC, a good brushing, treats, lap time – kind of like a SPA day!  This would be a way for the community to HELP that would offer that much needed socialization for the pets.   For those people that just CAN’T step foot into the shelter and see the sad faces there OR for those that really don’t have the TIME to give to the homeless animals, this could really help.   What do YOU think?  Do you think this would work in our local community?  Could the community come together for the HOMELESS ANIMALS and make a difference?  We, including me, have to stop ignoring the fact that they are there waiting for their homes while we are warm and snuggly in ours.  I want to make a difference, do you?  Please comment below or email me at [email protected] or call at 502-836-9742 and lets talk about it!  I’m all EARS! 


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