What happens when our clients are out of town and one of their pets gets sick or needs medical care?

We SPRING into action!!  Waggs just had this happen this past week for the first time in history!  And yes, we SPRUNG into action!  When Waggs is in charge, our clients get aCali TEAM of sitters with a LOT of experience with animals large and small!  Megan noticed one of the kitties we were doing an overnight for was itching at her ear and the ear was hanging a little.  So, when I came to take over that evening, I was able to get a good look by corralling her in the bathroom and up on the bathroom counter. I looked in her ear which looked dirty and yucky but what alarmed me was the flap of her ear was swollen, I instantly thought hematoma!  So, I went right to the client’s contract and called the vet’s office – it was about 7pmbut I didn’t care, I was going to speak with someone and get an opinion.  I had to leave a message and got a call back 5 minutes later from an awesome vet!  She assured me that it wasn’t urgent that she be seen asap but that she would need to come in the next day so I should call the office in the morning and get an appointment.  I did just that and got her in to see the vet that morning.  The vet we saw took a look and agreed, it was definitely a hematoma.  Then, the decision making started.  She needed surgery!  Our clients were out of the country!  So, we could not contact them by phone.  Between the vet and I, we agreed that the best thing would be to go ahead with the surgery, it was fairly simple and required little anesthesia.  This little kitty named Cali was 10 years old.  So, we took some other precautions also to be sure she didn’t have other issues.  Although the hematoma was caused by an ear infection and shaking of the head because of the itching, she had no underlying health issues after looking at her bloodwork.  They went ahead with the surgery and Waggs took responsibility for her care.  The vet called later that day and told me she did great!  Phew!  What a relief!  I went to the vets office the next day to pick her up and get her meds and post-op instructions.  I got her home and was able to keep her away from all of the other pets in the house to rest and recover.  She did great and is on the way to a full recovery.  It was quite the experience!!  I can’t tell you how good it felt to get little Cali relief and take care of her for her pet parents!  We bonded together that day and the days after!  This is no job, it is a true blessing!  Kelly


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