What is the BEST part of being a Pet Sitter?

What is the BEST part of being a Pet Sitter?
Our Pet Sitter Rhonda has a lot of DOG experience!
Koda & Megan at Woofstock


EVERYTHING!  The very best part is what we learn every day.  Pets teach us so much, we just have to take the time to listen and pay attention.  A day in our lives is truly FUN!  Our “coworkers” are dogs that we get to walk which teaches us that exercise can be FUN and makes us happy.  They like to cuddle, get fed food & treats, get fresh water, play toys…’s all fun.  Our coworkers are also cats who for the most part LOVE to see us.  If they don’t, they hide, which then is a great game of hide and seek, who didn’t like to play that when they were kids?!  Yes, we like to at least put our eyes on those hiding kitties just to be sure they are ok!  I’ve been known to read children’s books to kitties that are scared to try to calm them down.  Sometimes, we get to see rabbits & guinea pigs too, what a great time they are as well.  The guinea pigs are so cute and sure love their greens, they teach us to eat our veggies every day cause they make us feel good!  Bunnies love to hop around and show their appreciation by their happy hops.  And, they remind us to eat our carrots.  :). We see chickens, horses and sometimes sheep.  What we learn from them is respect.  Respect their space, understand their very specific needs and don’t ever forget to shut the gate! 

We also learn so much from our amazing pet parents.  As they share all of their fur baby’s info and tell us all about their unique needs during our meet & greet, the excitement of adding another furry pack member and 2 legged pack member is almost too much.  It brings so much joy to know that another pet parent will worry less about their fur babies while they are away or at work.  And, to know another furry family member will be under our protective wings.  Wow, we do love being pet sitters! 

We would love to learn from YOU and your pets!  Call/text/email today!  Let’s chat!

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Waggs 2 Whiskers sitters LOVE their own pets too!
Pet sitting for dogs is so fun
Our Owner Kelly Catlett with Momma the beagle


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