Anne Waters, Pet Sitter

        Hi,  my name is Anne Waters. I have loved animals my entire life and have been pet sitting on and off since I was about 15.  At this time, my fur-family consists of three dogs and two cats.
       The dogs are Stella (Coonhound), Natasha (White German Shepherd) and Bailey (Lab mix).  I have had Xena, the tortoiseshell cat the longest. She came with me from Maryland. She was part of a feral litter I fostered. She and I bonded and she is my only foster fail. I adopted Turbo in 2017. I named him Turbo because he is very fast, and he has a very loud purr! 
       I have experience taking care of horses as well, and miss the horse care as much as riding, as I am currently horse-less. I had a Morgan horse prior to moving from Maryland, and rode/competed in lower level Dressage and Combined Training. During this time, I helped at the farm where I boarded my horse. She is living out her senior years with a friend of mine in Pennsylvania. She is 35 years old, and has been helping a young lady learn to ride!
      My pets have always been family, and I believe in providing the best care possible for them.  I will provide the same level of care for your pets.

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