My Dog Eats First

Beth Green dogs eat first

Beth with a sweet puppy at Waggle Wednesday

Recently, I had the joy and privilege to meet another professional pet sitter and business owner Beth Green.  Beth owns Paws Pet Care in Louisville, KY.  For many years, I have gotten phone calls from some wonderful pet owners requesting pet sitting in Louisville but the distance and time would not allow me to oblige these wonderful potential clients.  I always hoped I could meet someone that did awesome work and held to the TOP QUALITY standard for pet sitting that I offer for my Waggs 2 Whiskers clients so that I could refer these pet owners and feel they will get a positive experience!  Well, I found her!  I found Beth by chance through a closed FB group that I’m a member of that I have gotten continued learning & business coaching from.  It’s an amazing group that I’m so proud to be a part of.  Being a professional pet sitter, I take continued learning very seriously.  I do this because I want to offer the BEST care out there and meet others that feel the same.  Beth has been in business in Louisville for 6 1/2 years now.  She has 25…yes TWENTY FIVE sitters that work with her to provide TOP NOTCH pet care to their clients in Louisville, both 2 legged & 4 legged.   What I instantly loved about Beth is her passion to GIVE BACK!  This passion comes out of her pours!  She was my hero immediately!  Beth started a non-profit organization in 2013 called My Dog Eats First. 

She started this organization after a trip down to the Highlands with her teenage son to have lunch on a warm sunny day.  Her and her son decided to eat outside that day to soak up some of the warm sunshine.  After they sat down, a young homeless man and his dog came and sat nearby, they didn’t seem to have a care in the world, puppy was happily wagging his tail at his tattered human owner.  Beth’s son (this is when Beth started to tear up just telling me the story) got up and went over to the man.  Now, Beth had already, like most of us do, started to judge this man because of how dirty he was, even though him and his dog looked hungry.  But, Beth’s teenage son didn’t judge, he just went over and offered the homeless man his lunch.  The man accepted and thanked Beth’s son.  And, what did that homeless man do first??  He FED HIS DOG!  He tore half of the sandwich and fed it to his hungry dog.  This changed Beth’s perspective immediately for this man and for her son and how open he was to do this for someone.  I for one think she raised a great boy!  This is how My Dog Eats First was born!!  Now, every Wednesday, Beth and her team of volunteers go downtown to the streets…in the yellow parking lot at Waterfront Park, and yes…even in the COLD, they go down and offer food to the homeless for their pets, they help with some supplies if they need it and they also offer rabies clinics, spay/neuter vouchers & licensing for the pets.  It was obvious to me that this has brought new meaning to Beth’s life, changing it forever.  Most of us have never or will never realize what it is like to be homeless.  For that, I am so thankful.  But, to have the opportunity and the heart to give to someone else is truly a gift that will come back tenfold.  I truly believe that I met Beth for a reason, I have always had a special place in my heart for homeless pets.  Volunteering at my local animal shelter was the most rewarding feeling I have ever had in my life.  I was broken hearted when I had to take time out from it when I started my pet sitting business.   Beth has made me realize that I can always find room in my life & heart to help others.  Would you like to get some more info on My Dog Eats First?  Go to:    Also, if you know of anyone looking for a great pet sitter in Louisville, please check out Beth’s business site for more info-   

Thank you for listening!  That is my waggs and whiskers for today!  Kelly


  1. That’s an amazing story. It helps reinforce my idea that the world is full of good people. They’re just not the ones that grab the headlines. They quietly go about helping others without recognition most of the time.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.


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